Fluent English

Yeah, this post will fully be on English. I always ask myself if my English is fluent, so lets discuss that problem.
What does it mean to speak fluent?
As for me, it is when you can easily talk with native speaker and he understands you right. You can’t know all words from language( I don’t even know all Ukrainian words), but your level of language depends on how clearly you speak and how quick can create sentences (if you speak fluent, you don’t even think that you speak foreign language).
It is when you understand everything what was told on English and when you’re not afraid to speak.
And sure, you must know grammar well to consider yourself «fluent speaker».
I steel can’t be sure that my English is fluent, but I’ve had a lot of experience speaking with native speakers and it was no problem for me and them. I watch films only on English and understand 90% of words. I have read 3 books on English and had understood 90% of words. And now it isn’t a big problem for me to write that text.
I think it doesn’t matter if your level is fluent or just good. It matters only if you can use that language for speaking, reading, writing. Develop your English to be civilized person! 😉