What for? First of all for me to practice, because I’m typing in English 2 times slower than in Russian/Ukrainian. Also I’ve made English a part of my life in the way of watching serials and films in English only and reading a lot of articles. Now It’s time to make English a part of my blog. I’m going to make special category for such posts, for you and international readers find them more easily. (International readers is one more argument why to write in English)
Beside that I want to write in English for you to practise it, because I think most of you doesn’t bother about reading in it. So in that way I’ll motivate you, I hope.
What I’m going to tell? I think some tips of learning language, maybe reviews of films and books and everything that concerns English in some way.
And the first advice is: start watching TED talks it’s unbelievably interesting and useful: www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
Check out this one. It’s about why you should read books: